Pulse Sensor Ninja's by the Hour

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New to Arduino,  DYI projects, or Pulse Sensor ?  Need a expert educator to get you started ?  Maybe you have a Pulse Sensor project that needs a expert parachuted in?

We are here to help.  Joel and Yury collectively have 20 years of experience in high-education working on interactive art projects. 

We love teaching and some people think we are good at it.  So we wanted to experiment with a new idea.  Buy our expertise by the 1/2 hour.  

Yes, over Skype or FaceTime, we will parachute into your home or workshop.  We'll give you and ours (work team or friends) one of three types of tech support.  

1)  Getting Started:  This is the basics.  Using Arduino for the first time, Taking heartbeat Reading with the pulse sensor.  Making an LED pulse and and speaker tone with a user's heartbeat in real-time.

2)  Project Help:  You have moved beyond one LED and one Speaker.  You have an more involved project and need Pulse Sensor help or tweaks. 

3)  Elite Support:  The gallery opening is tomorrow.  Your Pulse Sensor project, is awesome, but has unpredictable behavior.  You've tried everything.  The problem could be low-level hardware or special software?  Heaven only knows....  Don't panic. Elite Support gives you priory and timely support, b/c you're worth it. 

Not 100% satisfied, we'll refund your $.   Easy-breezy.  We are not con-artists. We are well-educated experts who work in the STEM, education, and DIY world.  It's like renting a college professor by the hour.   We'll get you setup or trouble-shooted quickly and effectively.  You might even enjoy it.