Pulse Sensor Professor for the Hour

Regular price $150.00

Need a expert educator to get you started ?  Yury has over 10 years of experience teaching Graduate MFA students at a top New York "art school".  His students work on interactive art, wearables, and IOT projects.  As an educator, he knows what engages people.  

Yury created two live-video professor sessions. These are set-up to function effectively as 1 hour STEM lab sessions, that can accommodate grade-school to gradute-level students.  If you enjoy learning to make cool things, this is for you.  Sessions are 1 Hour long.  The price is $150. 

1)  Sign of Life Session:  This is the classic, for a reason.  You'll feel like you are playing as you learn to build a Heart-Beat Monitor and use it to see your own heartbeat.   You'll how other people's hearts beat differently.  This is a hands-on video-conference session.   You will need a clean table space to do some gluing and some programming.  You'll be walked through the process. or making an LED glow a user's heartbeat.  We will also learn how to log BPM (Beats Per Minute), a useful bio-medical skill.

2)  "Do You" and Your Pulse Project Session:  You have moved beyond one LED and one Speaker.  You have an more involved project and need Pulse Sensor help or tweaks. We'll get you setup or trouble-shooted quickly and effectively.