Emotional Response in Entertainment

Posted by Yury Gitman on

Some folks in Belfast have created an interactive entertainment platform called Sensum, and it looks really cool ! "Sensum integrates emotional response reporting into any media and is universally compatible with a wide range of platforms and devices." Wow. Catch up on all the biofeedback-in-entertainment news on their tumbler. The company behind Sensum is called Filmtrip, and they are not new to this kind of thing. Here's a project of theirs called Biosuite, and a great article in the New Scientist. They backed our Kickstarter last year (You Rock!) and just made a video to demo Pulse Sensor sending data wirelessly over XBee, a moble app, controlling Xbox Kinect, and fading theatrical lighting over DMX512. Super Duper Cool.


Homage to The Hitchhiker's Guide, via Pulse Sensor and Arduino:


PulseSensor meets Android:


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