The Original PulseSensor Kit

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Pulse Sensor is a plug-and-play heart-rate sensor for Arduino.

It can be used by students, artists, makers, and developers who want live heart-rate data into their projects. 

The Pulse Sensor Kit includes:

1)  Soft braided-wire ribbon cable.  Not kidding, that's one nice cable!  

2)  An Ear Clip that's perfectly sized to the sensor.    

3)  A Velcro Finger Strap, just like the pro's.

4)  Transparent Vinyl Dots, which make electrical insulation simple.

5)  The Pulse Sensor also has 3 sewing-holes, for you "Wearable's People". 




Sales Policy:  This item is an open-source electronic sensor for developers.  We guarantee the quality.   All sales are final.  Any defective items will be replaced within 30 days of sale.