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Buy the original PulseSensor Kit and get a Stabilizer Ring for 50% OFF.

Unlock Unmatched Precision

You know the deal—your PulseSensor is incredibly sensitive, which is usually a good thing. But sometimes, it's a bit too sensitive. A minor movement can throw your data into chaos. Introducing the Stabilizer Ring—a knuckle-sized, custom-fitted marvel that elevates your pulse readings from good to great.


Supercharge Your Original PulseSensor Kit

The PulseSensor itself snaps into place on the ring's cut-out. Then, thread the kit's velcro strap through the sides of the ring.


Comfort, Quality, and Free Fingertips

The Stabilizer Ring enhances user comfort for both short-term and long-term readings. It also expands a user's freedom of movement while wearing the sensor. Now, users can move more naturally without compromising the sensor's accuracy. Best of all, you can wear it like a ring and still be free to code, craft, and create with your fingertips.