A Library of Examples!

🤓 Install our Arduino Library for a collection of our most popular and most up-to-date code examples! 

This video shows you the best way to install the PulseSensor.com code examples.

Pro Tip: You don't need GitHub.com to download our code anymore. Use the Arduino IDE for stable and tested code.


Fine Print:

An Arduino Library is a collection of code and examples on a specific topic or device. For example, our PulseSensor Playground Library is a collection of code and projects made just for your PulseSensor and Arduino.

To install the PulseSensor Playground Library, in Arduino, to go Sketch > Include Library > Manage Library...

In the Library Manager: Search for and Select "PulseSensor.com

Install or update to the lastest version.👍

Hurray! Once this library is installed you will see our examples in Arduino's dropdown! To select an example project, go to: `File > Examples > PulseSensor Playground > GettingStartedProject`.  






More Info On Libraries in General 👉 https://www.arduino.cc/en/Guide/Libraries.