A Library of Examples!

🤓 Install our Arduino Library for a collection of our most popular and most up-to-date code examples!

This video shows you the best way to install the PulseSensor.com code examples.

An Arduino Library is a collection of code and examples on a specific topic or device. For example, our PulseSensor Playground Library is a collection of code and projects made just for your PulseSensor and Arduino.

To install the PulseSensor Playground Library, in Arduino, to go Sketch > Include Library > Manage Library...

In the Library Manager: Search for and Select "PulseSensor.com

Install or update to the lastest version.👍

Hurray! Once this library is installed you will see our examples in Arduino's dropdown! To select an example project, go to: `File > Examples > PulseSensor Playground > GettingStartedProject`.  



More Info On Libraries in General 👉 https://www.arduino.cc/en/Guide/Libraries.











# Example Code Features Ideal For
1 GettingStartedProject.ino Introductory setup for PulseSensor and Arduino. Basic hardware and library integration. Beginners, first-time users
2 Getting_BPM_to_Monitor.ino Real-time BPM monitoring on Serial Monitor. Heartbeat alerts. LED visualization on PIN 13. Beginners, basic projects
3 PulseSensor_ATtiny85_Serial.ino PulseSensor use with ATtiny85, including serial communication. Projects using ATtiny85, Serial communication
4 PulseSensor_ATtiny85_noSerial.ino PulseSensor with ATtiny85, no serial communication. ATtiny85 based projects, simplicity focus
5 PulseSensor_BPM.ino Standard BPM measurement setup with PulseSensor. Standard BPM tracking projects
6 PulseSensor_BPM_Alternative.ino Alternative BPM measurement method. Alternative approaches, experimental setups
7 PulseSensor_BPM_UNO_R4.ino BPM setup for Arduino UNO R4. Arduino UNO R4 specific projects
8 PulseSensor_BPM_UNO_R4_LEDmatrix_Heartbeat.ino Heartbeat display on LED matrix using UNO R4. Visual heartbeat display projects
9 PulseSensor_BPM_UNO_R4_LEDmatrix_Plotter.ino Plotting heartbeat data on LED matrix with UNO R4. Advanced visualization, UNO R4 users
10 PulseSensor_DUE.ino Demonstrates PulseSensor on Arduino DUE. Arduino DUE specific projects
11 PulseSensor_ESP32.ino PulseSensor integration with ESP32 module. ESP32 advanced projects
12 PulseSensor_Nucleo.ino Using PulseSensor with Nucleo boards. Nucleo board specific applications
13 PulseSensor_PTT.ino Pulse-To-Transite functionality based on heart rate. Interactive, communication-focused projects
14 PulseSensor_RP2040.ino PulseSensor examples for RP2040 boards. RP2040 board projects
15 PulseSensor_Servo.ino Controlling a servo based on heart rate data. Hardware interaction, creative projects
16 PulseSensor_Speaker.ino Audio feedback from heart rate data with a speaker. Audio-interactive projects
17 PulseSensor_nRF52.ino PulseSensor with nRF52 series boards. nRF52 Bluetooth projects
18 PulseSensor_nRF52840_Feather_Express.ino nRF52840 Feather Express board integration. BLE focused, nRF52840 Feather Express users
19 SoftwareSerialDemo.ino Software serial communication with PulseSensor. Projects requiring software serial comms