HRV Biofeedback

Download this sketch and all the Processing HRV code that we have HERE

Use this sketch to learn about biofeedback with Pulse Sensor. It will guide you with a breathing prompt at a set 'Breaths Per Minute' from 4 to 8. 

If you've never connected Pulse Sensor to Processing, follow this tutorial first ;)

This sketch has 3 graphs in addition to the breathing prompt. The graph on the left is the BPM wave that shows BPM over time. Each time your heart beats, it will advance and graph the Instantaneous BPM.

The graph in the middle is a graph of the Pulse Sensor Signal. Use this to check and make sure you have a good strong pulse.

Lower right is a bar graph of the HRV. The width of the grey bar graphs the amplitude of the BPM wave. The graph is updated at every peak and trough of the BPM wave.

Upper right is the breathing prompt. Inhale while the oval is growing, and exhale while the oval is shrinking. To change the breaths per minute, press the following keys on your keyboard.

Key Breaths Per Minute
1 4
2 4.5
3 5
4 5.5
5 6
6 6.5
7 7
9 8