Orders and Shipping:

Do you have a Return Policy? 
Yes.  Orders can be returned in 30 days if packaging is unopened. We return only cost of Pulse Sensor and not the shipping cost.
I placed an International Order via USPS.  I'm tracking my package, but USPS says it's still in New Jersey, or Jamaica, NY?
USPS (US Postal Service) tracks packages ONLY in the US.  Once it leaves the US, no tracking is available.    
[ Note: most of our packages DO arrive without problem with USPS. Sometimes packages arrive 1-2 weeks after the expected arrival date.  For definite delivery dates and for tracking to your final address use UPS or FedEx for International Shipments. ]
I'm trying to order via PayPal Check-out, but Paypal puts in an OLD shipping address and doesn't let me change to a new one.
Yes we know. Paypal can be annoying this way.  Stop the check-out process in our Pulse Sensor store.  Log-in Paypal from another window, and update your Account or Profile with the correct shipping address.  Then just check out with us again with a clean start.


Restriction of Use:
When you buy hardware from PulseSensor.com, you are purchasing electronic components and, as with most hardware, there aren't many "restrictions of use" in the same way there might be with proprietary software. However, there are some considerations:
  1. Copyright and Trademark: While the PulseSensor hardware may have open-source aspects, the name "PulseSensor.com" is likely trademarked. This means that if you were to create your own derivative product, you can't market it using the "PulseSensor.com" name without permission from the trademark holder.
  2. Open Source License: If any part of PulseSensor.com's software or libraries are released under open-source licenses, such as the GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL) or the GNU General Public License (GPL), and you modify and distribute that software, you'd be obligated to release your changes under the same license.
  3. Safety: It's essential to handle and use the PulseSensor hardware safely. Ensure you're not connecting it to voltages or currents that exceed its specifications and be cautious about interfacing it with other devices.
  4. Export Restrictions: Depending on your location and shipping destination, export restrictions or regulations on electronics might exist. While this isn't specific to PulseSensor, it applies generally to electronic components and technologies.
  5. End-use: There could be regulations or restrictions on using PulseSensor hardware in specific applications or industries, especially those involving safety-critical systems or regulated sectors.
  6. Derivative Works: If you develop a product based on the PulseSensor platform and intend to sell it, be clear about your product's relationship with the PulseSensor.com brand and platform. If you're utilizing any open-source software or hardware designs, ensure you credit them appropriately and, if modified and redistributed, do so in compliance with their respective licenses.
  7. Counterfeit Hardware: There may be counterfeit versions of PulseSensor hardware on the market. While you might choose to use them for projects, exercise caution when considering them for critical applications or products. Authentic hardware ensures quality, testing parts, and 2 years of software support.