Orders and Shipping:

Do you have a Return Policy? 

Yes.  Order can be returned in 30 days if packaging is unopened. We return only cost of Pulse Sensor and not any shipping cost.


I placed an International Order via USPS.  I'm tracking my package, but USPS says it's still in New Jersey, or Jamaica, NY?

USPS (US Postal Service) tracks packages ONLY in the US.  Once it leaves the US, no tracking is available.    

[ Note: most of our packages DO arrive without problem with USPS. Sometimes packages arrive 1-2 weeks after the expected arrival date.  For definite delivery dates and for tracking to your final address use UPS or FedEx for International Shipments. ]


I'm trying to order via PayPal Check-out, but Paypal puts in an OLD shipping address and doesn't let me change to a new one.

Yes we know. Paypal can be annoying this way.  Stop the check-out process in our Pulse Sensor store.  Log-in Paypal from another window, and update your Account or Profile with the correct shipping address.  Then just check out with us again with a clean start. 


I just got my Pulse Sensor, now what?

Please watch the Getting Started Video to prepare the hardware, and read the Getting Started Document.



Technical Questions:

I have the Pulse Sensor 5V or Pulse Sensor 3 Volt it doesn't work with the sofware I downloaded.  

The "5V" and "3V" Pulse Sensors are older models and have been replaced with "Pulse Sensor Amped"


I'm getting a Flat Line in my Processing Application, when using the Pulse Sensor.   

It sounds like you are using Pulse Sensor Amped software on a Pulse Sensor 5v or 3V version board.

Make sure to match the hardware version you have with the matching software version. See our Code Page.  The Pulse Sensor Amped is our latest and greatest.  Really it's much better, we recommend using it. 




I bought an old 3V or 5V Pulse Sensor. Now I want a Pulse Sensor Amped.  : ((    

We love our customers. Email us your previous order number ( just search in your email for something from "@pulsesensor.com"). We'll send you a code for a respectable discount to order an our latest sensor "Pulse Sensor Amped".