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Announcing code version 1.1 ( It's out of beta! )

Posted by Joel Murphy on

We are happy to announce an update to our Arduino and Processing example code! Pulse Sensor Amped Arduino 1.1 Pulse Sensor Amped Processing 1.1 The new Arduino code contains an enhanced beat finding algorithm, and tidies up some inefficiencies since the last version. We have also put together a detailed walk-through of the Arduino code for your edification.

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Article in Make Magazine Vol 29, Jan 2012

Posted by Yury Gitman on

[youtube] Very nice video here by Becky Stern (of Craft and Make) who made an awesome project for Make Projects (and the below issue) with the Pulse Sensor. -&- Also, the good folks at Make Magazine asked us to write a detailed article about the Pulse Sensor for the first 2012 issue. The "DIY SuperHuman" issue is all about bio-sensing. It's a great volume and worth getting if you are into that kinda thing. If you are reading this you can assume that you into that kinda thing....

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